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Xsite Pro2 versus Wordpress

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Xsite Pro2 versus Wordpress

Hello Everyone,

I'm new here so this topic may have been addressed already although I did not find it in search.

I've had xsitepro for a while now and it does have a bunch of great features. I have also built some sites using wordpress with the free semio theme.

I know that mark built a site using xsitepro with others watching that makes good money.

Most of the talk that I hear read on the internet says that wordpress is better because of the ability to add content continually. I don't see why you can't add content to a regular site as well. In fact xsite pro also has a feature that allows you to add pre- written content over time. I've also heard, google has said that wordpress is a great platform to build sites.

I also have another friend that swears regular sites outperform wordpress as far as rankings go.

I'm curious as to what Mark says regarding this as well as any of you out there that have actually tested and seen a difference.


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Hi Stiz

This is a topic which has been discussed in a fair bit of detail on the forums so feel free to do a search on the forums and dig up more info on the subject.

Both XSP and WP sites can perform equally well as far as SEO is concerned so theres no reason why a site would be lower in the rankings just because its a WP site. They are just tools to help you build your site - some find that XSP is easier to use as it makes everything very clear and allows you to build your site offline before publishing it.

WP while being free does require users to have a bit more know-how, installing and managing plugins and using the WP admin screens.

I think ultimately it comes down to what youre comfortable using - if you've used WP and found it too complicated then I would recommend using XSP - the main thing is you get your site built and out there.

All the best

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There's a link for you if you want to read up on it.
There are other threads as well in the forum.
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