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Xsite Pro for an ecommerce/affiliate site?

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Xsite Pro for an ecommerce/affiliate site?

What are opinions on using Xsite Pro for an ecommerce site and an affiliate review site?
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Robert James

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There are no problems using X-Site Pro to create an affiliate site. The software was designed specifically for affiliate sites. The program is fully customizable. Besides X-Site Pro you have X-Header, X-Comment Pro. With these add-on programs the website is limited only by one's imagination.

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Site Admin
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XSite Pro is primarily for affiliate marketers, particularly those who are just starting out. It's easier to use than most of the web design software in the market as it is geared towards individuals who are not tech-savvy enough or have knowledge in html. You can also use it to create other types of sites. It's just that it is geared towards marketers.

Hope that helps .Have a good day!
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