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WP sidebar problem

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WP sidebar problem

Hello Staff,

I am having the same problem listed below. I didn't see any solutions posted. Could you please respond?


Andrew Ferguson

I like the theme, it is clean and easy to work with however i am having a problem with my sidebar.

I have changed the color of the sidebar, and it works whenever I go to one of the pages I have produced, however it remains white for my home page which is my URL. So accessing my domain name. i.e. gives a white sidebar, however when I click on a page link to go to say the color shows!

I cannot figure out how to make my site look uniform with the same color sidebar on the homepage.

Can anyone help me out here?

Thanks in advance!!!

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Please refer to the original post at website-building/sidebar-problem-with-affilorama-wp-theme-t2934.html
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hi guys!