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word press

mark schaaf
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word press

I have been doing my sites in a web editor I have used for years but keep hearing about word press. I know many people talk about it all the time and talk about using one of there many theme pages but can you build a site from scratch in word press or transfer and existing site over to word press.
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Hi Mark,

You can build a site from scratch, or you can transfer over, although the transfer is more of content than the actual design as Wordpress is based on PHP you can't just copy over html files from your site. However, once you do end up converting over, it is SO much faster and easier to keep updated. Especially handy once your site grows to 100's of pages.
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Agree with e-solutions. Practically any content management system will help you manage large sprawling sites. I have one site that is over 600 pages, half of this is managed by Wordpress, the other by CMS Made Simple. You can transfer an existing site over to wordpress, If you use the blog aspect of wordpress, rather than static pages, you are given additional pages to template, such as search results, tag pages, archives etc, but really if you get the basic header and footer under control the rest goes in nicely and only requires CSS editing.
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