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Will updating my site change my ranking in Google?

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Will updating my site change my ranking in Google?


I am new to AM and am in the lucky position that a site of mine that I put together about four years ago in Flash 8 is currently ranking 5th in Google for the chosen keyword. The particular site is not monetized at all and not completely finished. I have been thinking of replacing it with a monetized site put together in XSitePro. Can someone tell me, if I swap out my old site for my new site will I immediately lose my ranking in the search engines, even though both sites are attached to the same domain name? The problem is that the flash site looks a bit klugy by today's standards and I don't want to scare people away upon contact. The reason I have not listed the domain here is because the site is slightly adult in nature and I am not looking to offend anyone. If you want to see it, drop me note at

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It's possible you will lose ranking. Your ranking is determined by lots of things we don't know about and by some things we do. One is the text on the page, the title, headings and general weight of keywords on the page. The there are the backlinks other people (and you) and created to individual pages on your site, and the link text they (and you) have used.
So unless you can re-create what the old site did without Google noticing it'll change the rankl. almost certainly. Of course it may improve.
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