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Why isn't my 1st page showing up-still show hostgator

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Why isn't my 1st page showing up-still show hostgator

I followed Aletta's week 3 video for wordpress - got word press installed on website (via Host Gator) sucessfully transferred the Affiloblueprint theme over (via Filezilla), copied and pasted my articles which show up fine on the wordpress view button. but when I type in the URL separately - I still the get the Host Gator page. I've successfully hooked up the GoDaddy Domain Name with the Host Gator account as per previous video lessons. Any suggestions? Does it take over 24 hours for Host Gator to show the published Word Press pages?
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It usually takes about a few minutes to a few hours for your site to show up. You can contact HG support for help.
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One common omission often made is not designating a published home page. Assuming the site is built around static pages this could be the answer to your site not publishing a page you can view.

As stated by "beablessing" if the domain along with hosting are new it often takes up to 48 hours to propagate the internet system so that your site will work properly.

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