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Why is my Clickbank ID displayed after redirecting?

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Why is my Clickbank ID displayed after redirecting?

I have cloaked my links like Mark did in the blog boot camp using the affilorama redirect tool. Everything seems to work okay except after it redirects to the the new page it shows the web adress then my clickbank id. Is this correct?
For example, if I was redirecting to it looks like this "" . I noticed in the blog bootcamp after mark did the redirects it showed it just for a second then reset to just (just an example). Is this correct? Any help would be appreciated.
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Redirecting will only hide your ugly affiliate links when someone mouseover it. Whether your affiliate link will be displayed after redirecting is dependent upon the settings on the merchant's site. Some merchant sites display your affiliate link while others don't. But most sites show your Clickbank ID in the browser url when taken to the merchant's sales page.
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