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Which program is best? Flash or After Effects?

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Which program is best? Flash or After Effects?

I"m thinking of having cool flash based part of my site
I heard of a new software called After Effects and how its used to create u know moving stuff.
So my question is for websites is Flash still the king or is there another better program.
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Well...... I personally see people use After Effects for videos.... if you want to do flash, then use Macromedia Flash.
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For creating interactive animated websites, Flash is still king. After Effects is a digital compositing software for adding special effects to movies.

If you're just looking for "cool stuff" to add to your site, you're probably not going to have much luck learning Flash, since it takes quite a lot of serious study. If you were to embark on learning Flash you'd not only have to spend many hundreds of dollars on the software, but you'd also be embarking on a year (or two) long learning curve!

If you're just wanting something funky to put on your site, either consider hiring someone to create it for you, or do a hunt online for pre-made scripts and/or plugins that do the same thing. There's a lot of stuff out there.

What exactly were you wanting to create? Can you show us examples?

All the best,
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