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Whats wrong with these people

mark schaaf
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Whats wrong with these people

I think we all at times look at google analytics and think how stupid can these people that go to our sites be when looking at bounce rates and keywords used.

I was looking the other day and someone typed in a search for exactly what is on one of my sites pages. The person was on the page for maybe 3 seconds, how in the world could someone find out anything in 3 seconds.

What makes it even stupider for me is that the answer to his exact question was in the 2nd paragraph. What they were asking is essence was something like which state border Ohio.

So I guess my question is are web surfers getting stupider and lazier every day. Do they think they can type in a question and get a page answering only there question.

How do we deal with these people. This happens on my site maybe 20% of the time and I have asked many people to look over my site and see what they think since often people will say if someone doesn't like the look of the site they will just leave because of that but most people like the look and layout of the site. How can anyone write articles for people like this?
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Seems to me about all one can do is to keep optimizing pages (in all the known ways) to keep whittling down the percent of visitors who leave early. Maybe try to enumerate the limited number of things you can optimize and just keep at it - with your niche market research and your ideal visitor in mind.

Not saying your site has these issues, just thinking of possibilities...

Out of your control:
* They arrived by accident (e.g. made a typo in their search, or decided to try a new search before evaluating the current one).

* They assumed your site was wrong, just by first impression (e.g. they were expecting an "answer site" format).

Can be optimized:
* Their preconscious visual perception was negative, so they didn't bother to actually read anything. Remember that human visual perception is much faster than conscious thought (but not faster than "emotion" - brain Limbic system). People get a first (visual) impression of your web page which emotionally colors their reaction.

* They arrived, saw large blocks of text, without easy scanning (by headers, etc.). They thought it too hard to read and not easy enough to just scan for their question.

Page load was slow. By the time they saw the page, they had already decided to leave.

* No doubt there are other things not coming to mind.

The mindset of the visitor:
People are often in a hurry. They may have in mind comparing the first X number of sites and then sticking with the best, or failing that, returning to the next best. In other words, they are not really reading pages, just doing a quick glance through a search list - to find something that matches what they have in mind. This goes back to the task of market research and knowing what's in the mind of your ideal visitor.

Certainly, not every visitor will be your "ideal" visitor, so some will have something very different in mind. If that percentage of your traffic is 20% or less - well, that doesn't seem to so bad to me. "You can't please everyone". I think we all have to settle for some percent of people who will leave quickly. My intuition would be that 10% or 20% is normal.

Hope this helps...
_jim coe
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