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What wordpress theme should I choose for affiliate marketing

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What wordpress theme should I choose for affiliate marketing

I am focusing on these 3 options:

1) Thesis: everybody seems to like this one

2) Affiliate Theme: the name captivates me and since im not a coder, i would like to have a way to solve issues by myself. However I am not sure what an affiliate marketeer (since I am a newbie) should have in a wordpress template, so I am not sure I need this template. They mention to have a way to add tracking codes..I guess that is good..

3) this one seems to allow easy creation of sales pages, but i wonder if thats all

4) Then there is something called sitesell that seems interesting too...

So, could someone tell me more about this issue, or make another suggestion, or?

Thx in advance.
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All of them are good in my opinion.
However, with Thesis you will not be able to do much yourself unless you really know how to alter css code to customize things.
There are a few themes that are good like woo themes or wpremix as well.
If you are starting out I would suggest going with something clean, simple and something that you can manipulate yourself, although for a niche site you probably won't need to change it around.
There is another theme called Socrates theme by Joel comm and I hear it is also quite nice.

Hope that doesn't confuse you

To me the theme is less important than the content.. but I understand you still want to have a nice looking site.

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