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What's the latest on Mark's flight simulator site

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What's the latest on Mark's flight simulator site

I was part of the premium membership when Mark Built his Simulator site. I canceled my membership, not because it isn't a valuable membership. It absolutely is for anyone that is considering it. I think Mark and his Affilorama business really delivers and I would recommend it to anyone.

Anyway, does anyone have any updates on the amount of traffic it is generating and how many sales it's making?


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Hi Stiz

Sales have been about 2 sales a week. It's not what I'd had in mind, I'd hoped for more, but then again, an extra $50 per week isn't bad considering it was cheap to set up and this website just keeps sending me cash now.

Some sites go better for me than others, if it had made me $300 or more per week, I would have invested more time / money into it, but I'm just going to let it age a bit and see how it is going in a few months.


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