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What does a great looking affiliate site look like?

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What does a great looking affiliate site look like?

Hey guys. Noob here.

Lets say that I've created a clickbank account and found a product that has good gravity in a niche that is not overcrowded.
With a good site with good seo and with a good amount of backlinks I might be able to get into the first page of googles results.

So the next step would be to create my first site.

I'm reasonably confident in my visual design skills and I have a good understanding of web technologies. So I can design, create and upload it myself.

But I'm still not sure where to start: what does good design in an affiliate site look like?

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I would recommend you check out AffiloBlueprint. This program is a thorough step by step plan to building static websites. The program is very easy to follow.

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