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What do you think of GoDaddy's website builder

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What do you think of GoDaddy's website builder

Hello everyone, I was a diehard Xsitepro fan and user. It was so easy to understand. I got my start with affiliate marketing with that software.

My self made websites are all bassed of that program till this day. (i have not been able to update them since 2009-
long story but old pc took a crap)

ive started ecomm nnow with shopify so that keeps me busy.

But not to worry i want to update my old sites and am looking at a (online based) website builder such as Godaddy's website builder.

I have always used Godaddy for all my website stuff since 2006.

I watched some youtube vids and the program looks fairly good for updating old affliate/info sites.

Anyone used the website builder by Godaddy or have thoughts on it?

Thanks, Nathan
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I Am Not More Satisfy About The Godaddy. Because My Refund Is Not yet credited.
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