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What are your suggestions

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What are your suggestions

Hi Guys,

What are your suggestions to building my website into a 6 figure a year business starting immediately & how much will it cost me?

Many thanx,
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Hi George,

That's a very difficult question to answer. We can not make any statements about how much you can earn over a certain period of time and how much it will cost you to earn a certain amount as there are too many factors and variables involved.

What you can do with your site is provide articles that have lots of useful information about your topic. That will help get people to notice it and thus help build readership. The more readers you have, the more opportunities you have for making money.

Also look for products to promote instead of just having google ads there.

And you can put up a newsletter through which you can also promote products.

Or you may even want to sell your own products, although we do not exactly cover that here on Affilorama.

Have you gone through the Free Affiliate Marketing Lessons? The lessons contain everything you need to know to start making money as an affiliate.
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I agree with Fara adding that the people I know making 6 figure incomes are not putting all their eggs in one basket. I know people doing 6 figures even with one niche, but they usually have multiple websites targeting specific groups of people.

not knowing that particular niche, I dont even know if there is enough money in it to make the kind of money that you want.
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