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Website templates - Are there free ones?

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Website templates - Are there free ones?

Mark,I am watching the videos on adsense and I plan to have an adsense site soon.On your "dogobedience" website I am wondering did you have someone design the template for the layout of the webpage and the logo? I want to have a good looking webpage but I cannot afford to spend a lot at first.Are there free ones? included in xsite pro? as downloads? how much for a simple one by Elance? thanks Bill
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The Elance minimum bid is $50 for any project.

A good quote for your website template, if it is not "cut up" for you is $50USD.

If it is cut up, depending on your requirements it'll cost a little more, shouldn't be too much.

The more detail you can give about measurements and what you want. the more chance you'll get what you are looking for.

Ask for samples in your spec for your project. That way you know if you like their design style.

Hope this helps, let me know how you get on.


ps a good way of getting what you want is to scan in a drawing of what you want. You can do this at a lot of internet cafes if you don't already have a scanner.
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