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Website Flipping

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Website Flipping


I built a site with XsitePro but my computer crashed and I don't want to rebuild it, and I don't have a back up. I was wondering if I could still sell it on Is there still a way for a buyer to use it without sending them my original software that I built it on? Not sure how selling websites all works.

This is the site I wanted to sell:

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Yes, you can sell websites without them having access to the software. The selling process is actually fairly basic, and it is all explained by - you can pretty much auction off your website like you were selling something on eBay.

I would recommend reading this Flippa Guest Post on transferring your website -

You said that you don't have a back up of your website (and I assume you don't have XsitePro installed any more) I suggest that you also contact your current web hosting company and ask if this presents any problems for you selling your website.


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