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Website Builders

Hi There - I am a new member and this is my first post. I have grasped most of the essentials of affiliate marketing with the help of this woderful site, but one thing that I have picked up on is this - Is choice of a website builder critical to the success of a site? My experience of the web generally is that if a site looks clear and clean, with easy navigation and gives me the information I want (Just like affilorama which is superb) then as user I am more than happy and will linger until I find what I want. I am torn between going for Wordpress or XsitePro - both would appear to be capable of giving me what I think an end user would want. Is that a fair summary or is it really worthwhile going the whole hog and learning something like dreamweaver? My view is that content within a site is the critical issue. Presentation, although important, is a subordinate factor. Is this a fair summary?
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Here is my two cents. It all depends on your skill with html, mysql, php css. Xsite Pro is layed out for ease of use while still allowing you all the control you need to produce a productive website. Wordpress is great, its free, but if you want lots of control over your sites appearance and layout and do not want to be confined to "free themes" wordpress may not be for you.

I own dreamweaver and know the program well, but if i was starting out i would go with Xsite Pro make some money then think about upgrading. No need to drop a lot of cash on a program that even some of the pros dont know how to use to its full potential.

Hope this helps,

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Unless you are experienced in other website builder then by all means you can use it.

But if you still don't know about website building then I suggest you start with either xsp or wp (it depends on your capacity) since that is what we are taught here. Mark has showed us that the two methods above are sufficient to make us money. You better spend your time in polishing your site that learning dw.

Perhaps you can learn this later when you have mastered the course Mark is teaching us.

Hope this helps...
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