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Videos for a membership site

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Videos for a membership site

Hi, I have a site where I promote my thai massage classes here in Barcelona, and I want to turn it into a membership site where subscribers can watch exclusive thai massage techniques online.

Now I have the content, I have the plugin to build the membership site, but I´m a littlebit lost regarding how to put the videos on my pages, as you can imagine, I don´t want them on youtube.

Should I upload my videos on amazonaws? Which video player should I use to post them on my pages?

Any idea how Mark does it in Affilorama webpage?

I would really appreciate some help. Many thaks!!!

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Have you looked into Vimeo?
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Hi Cesar,

There are a lot of video sharing sites out there. You can search for video sharing websites online and you can choose which video site best fits your needs. There is actually options for you to choose from if you want your video to be shared/seen only by several people.

You can take a look at this list of video sharing services online.

I hope that helps!

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