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Using Gimp program

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Using Gimp program

I am having an atrocious time trying to design a header in Gimp. I have the image I want to use and have a simple two sentence title. I cannot get things deselected when they are selected. I tried designing the header in XSitePro but it will not allow me to insert the image on the blank page under designer tab and then do text with it. Does anyone know of a simpler way to get a simple header done and be able to insert into an XsitePro template?
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Yeah, I am having similar issues (with Gimp). Have tried using layers with some success but it is not easy. Will be attempting to resolve this tonight.
Will post back if I get an answer
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Hey, don't really know if this will help, but...

To deselect a layer (after scaling etc.) you might need to "anchor" it. To do this, simply press ctrl+H.

If you need anymore help, maybe I could create a template for you or something?

Good luck.
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