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using Fillezilla /attaching blog to my website

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using Fillezilla /attaching blog to my website

1. I had been using my filezilla before and was able to transfer plugins to my wp site. I have update it to newer version, but this time I can't get to connect to my WP website Any help?
Which entry details do you put in the : Host______Username_______password______
that from Wordpress? or from your Hosting? Thanks.

How do I attached a blod to my wordpress website.?.

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Hi Macky,

These details: Host______Username_______password______ refer to your web host information. You might find this guide on uploading Wordpress plugins helpful.

As for attaching a blog to your Wordpress site, you can link another Wordpress blog to your website. Or you can create a "Blog" page where your latest posts can be seen.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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