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Using a merchants video but putting your affiliate link in

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Using a merchants video but putting your affiliate link in

I want to put a video on my wordpress site. I am not sure how to do this. The video is in youtube and I know that you need to get the embed code off youtube, but I am not sure how to get my affiliate link in it. I dont want people leaving my site without an affiliate link chasing them! I understand that video converts quite well but jsut how do we download a youtube video and get out afffiliate link in there?


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im not aware of any way to create a link that sits over the top of an embedded video (and im pretty sure if you did it wld disable the video from playing)

my recommendation would be that if the video is on the merchants site then i would recommend you take a screen grab of the video with a play button in the middle so it looks like you click it to start the video but its actually your aff link which takes them to the merchants site where they can view the video
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