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Trouble installing -need it to make header.

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Trouble installing -need it to make header.

I tried to install I was going to use it to make my website header. It says, however, before I can install it, I have to upgrade to Windows XP SP3. Then a window opens where I can download SP3 but it says that SP3 is for IT professionals and Developers or something. I don't know what an IT Professional and Developer is, but I know I'm not one. So I'm not sure if it will cause me any problems upgrading to SP3. Does anybody know what kind of changes it will make to my computer?

Anybody else with Windows XP have this problem?
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Hi Kurt,

I don't recall encountering a similar error message when I upgraded to Win XP SP3 before. You can find information and download Win XP SP 3 here.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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