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To Mark: Auto Profit Launcher Software Program?

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To Mark: Auto Profit Launcher Software Program?


I am very interested in this software program. Gauher Chaudhry had you on a
webinar a couple of days ago and I did buy into your program.

I put a lot of trust into Gauher's recommendations about people & products
which in turn will have me begin to put trust into your recommendations.
With that being said, I have already signed up for the $47 a month and $167
package you offered....I am very serious. Do you really, highly recommend
this software for me to use along with your program? Will it make a
significant difference for me to buy it? Do you or have you used this
software before?
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I did test out the software and can see a lot of benefits for newbies of using it.

I recorded a video showcasing what it does so that you and others can make an informed decision as to whether or not you feel it will help you in your business:

It isn't for everyone, it is for people who want a push button method of getting good looking websites online. You can follow my training and build sites using this software, or you can follow my training and build websites using wordpress for free.

I think you should watch the video and that will give you a clear look at what the software does so you can decide for yourself whether this is something you need, or whether you are finding my blog bootcamp within affilorama to be enough to be able to put together nice looking websites.

All the best,
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