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thoughts on squidoo

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thoughts on squidoo

Hey all

Just wondering what the opinions are on using squidoo as a start to learning to writing review pages
or of advertising.
Any pros and cons of using squidoo? Newbie here, I'm in the backages. No knowledge of squidoo
face book, twitter or My Space, Sad Huh?

Thanx in advance.
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Hi Cydnie,
You can use a squidoo lens to help drive traffic to your website or blog, but since you don't have pages on your squidoo lens, you'll have a hard time using the Affilorama BP method of getting 30 keywords / articles.

The other thing, Google is starting to clamp down on people using squidoo, hub pages and the other social sites as self-serving backlinks to their own sites. I don't know when Google will slap this , but I wouldn't use these as a long term back linking strategy.
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