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I am new to affiliate marketing and hope I am on the right track but would really like some feedback and advice from you seasoned veterans. Please tell me if I am on the right track..

I have chosen weight loss products/supplements as my niche. I have found what I believe are good products and campaigns through Market Healths affiliate program. So, I chose a specific product and wrote an article about that product.

My question is, I want to marketed several different products but I don''t want the visitor to see all the products, just the one they are directed to.

So, do I created a seperate subdomain for each product?

Am I on the right track with my marketing strategy? Or am I totally getting of track on effective affiliate marketing?

All advise, tips and suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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Hi Tracie,

You can promote several products on the same site, as long as they are on the same niche. If you want each product to have its own "mini-site", then you need to create a sub-domain for it. This is not necessary, but if you want to, or if you think this will help make your site more organized, then you may do so. Personally, I think it's more straightforward to just promote products in the same niche on one site. They'll have their own pages anyway. Besides, there is an extra cost to adding sub-domains I think, and it's important to keep costs down when starting out.

I also recommend promoting just two to three products at the most when starting out.

I hope that helps. Have a good day!
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