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Squeeze and signup pages size

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Squeeze and signup pages size

Hello, I am just about down with my site. Ya. My last hurtle is the Squeeze and signup pages size. When I get them done and load up the page the squeeze page is too big and you have to scroll to see the whole thing. Then my feature form is too square and needs to be wider and shorter to look nice at the bottom of the page. Here is my page with both. The squeeze page is a 2 sec delay. Once you x off the squeeze page you will be able to scroll down and see the Feature form.
Is there a way that I can change their sizes and if so how?
Thanks, Keith
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Hi Keith,

I'm assuming you are using an autoresponder to insert the form? If so, try re-sizing the form via your autoresponder. There does seem to be too much space between the graphic and "How to Stop... "

If that doesn't work, then maybe until you can figure out a fix, move the graphics of you and Patches to a widget on the right side bar.
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