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Site Not Live - WHY?

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Site Not Live - WHY?


Wondering if someone can help. I've been trying to view my site live but it's not working. In Mark's video his FTP Server is an IP address but mine is a url

I've put in all of the information provided by my hosting company but still nothing. When I test the FTP connection is shows up as "successful connection" but the message I see when I view my site live is this:

Directory has no index file.
Browsing this site or directory without an index file is prohibited.
If you are the site's webmaster, you can remedy this problem by creating a default HTML page with one of the following names:

NOTE: Filenames are case sensitive, i.e., Home.html is not the same as home.html

Is anyone having the same problem?

Hope you can help. Thanks!

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Are you using xsitepro? The problem is that you don't have an index file. even if you make a copy of your index.php page and call it index.html and upload that, it should do the trick.

Or, perhaps you are uploading to the wrong directory, I'm guessing that that is probably more likely to be the problem.

e.g. perhaps you are supposed to upload to /public_html or something like that?
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