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Site Layout - Product Review

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Site Layout - Product Review

I'm planning to promote 6 products, all from different merchants, using a review website similar to the examples Mark shows from

So far, I have around 6 review articles, one for each merchant I wish to promote. Will it be more effective to keep the review short for each merchant instead and condense all to one page, and allow the reader to click to merchant site via my affiliate link if they wish to find out more? Or add the reviews to different pages on the site and redirect users from the home page?

What is the most effective layout to achieve maximum result?

Thanks for any suggestion

Clifford :)
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Well, I have about 50 or 60 sites in a similar fashion. We do something a little different though. But I really like the simplicity of these pages Mark shows.

I would do a small introduction which captures and outlays the juicy information on the first page. Then I would have a link to read the entire review which would be on a separate page.

I would also have a link on the front page directly to the affiliate in case they don't want to read the review.

These types of sites work very well.

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