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Sidebar (3.0) stopped showing widgets...why?

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Sidebar (3.0) stopped showing widgets...why?

Thanks in advance.

Installed 3.0 to a new blog. I have lots of experience building blogs. All was well until today. My right sidebar no longer shows anything!

The blog was showing links and pages. Everything looked great. I made a slight adjustment in All In One SEO Pack, then noticed the content was missing from the sidebar. I don't think All In One has anything to do with my issue though. Also, I noticed the article padding on the left side of my article has been reduced to nill. I tried to adjust via the 3.0 control panel, but it doesn't make any changes to article padding.

Help, please!

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Hi Gotteeth,

Are you using the AffiloTheme 3.0? Can you please post the link here so that we can have a look. Widgets are still supported in AffiloTheme 3.0 but they would go below the article lists.
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Just a thought...

Since are using All In One SEO, then make sure your post title is the same as the title you are entering in the All In One title box. Or vice versa. I had the same problem, but on a page-based website.

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