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Show Posts Of My Choice In Sidebar - How?!

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Show Posts Of My Choice In Sidebar - How?!


I simply can't get this to work and it's driving me nuts. If someone knows please share it with me.

I'm using the related post widget in wordpress and want to have one section called "Reviews" where all my prodcut reviews shows up. The other section I want is "Articles" where all the articles shows up.

I write:


(this is the location of my product reviews) in the "related post" widget but still I get the latest posts inside the section and not my product reviews. What Am I Doing Wrong? I have tried all different types of settings without any success.

Please help.

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Have you looked at the FAQ for the plugin that you're using or contacted their support?

There are just too many settings to know exactly what is wrong. Using tags is another way of getting related posts to show...
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I think I did this once using the Wordpress loop to only show posts from a certain category, If i get round to digging out the code Ill send it over. I did do some tutorials on excluding categories from the main wordpress loop and also RSS feeds: ... ress-loop/
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