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Should the articles on my site be in categories?

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Should the articles on my site be in categories?

Hi guys

I have 5 different products all to do with alternative energy (Solar, Wind, Magnetic, Water, Electric cars)

So far I have inserted 10 articles (would have been more but the Elance provider took about 5 weeks to finish sending me all 30 articles including reviews)

I just want to know if there should be a specific order I should be putting the articles in my web site, should I try and keep all the categories together or is random good enough including reviews.

I looked at Marks WoW Blackbook site and really couldn't judge by that because its basically one product with a list of different playing options, but I did notice his reviews are randomly located.

If you tell me that I should keep all the categories together then is there a way at XsitePro to reorganize the 10 I already have on my site.

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Larry Bauge
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Hi Larry,

Random is good.
You only need to think about categories when you have too many articles to fit into the sidebar menu, in which case you will have to "silo" your website. Siloing is covered in Affiloblueprint week 9.
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Hi Larry,
There is no right or wrong way to order your articles.
However, Having said that, I try to put the review pages at the top and the similar pages together.
If I had a site about shoes and socks, then I would place my 5 articles on sox together and my 5 articles on shoes together.
You could even put one after the other,
big shoes
red socks
little shoes
blue socks
gigantic shoes
green socks

All you need to do is move the different pages up and down in xsitepro on the left page settings.

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