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Should I Trademark my Website Domain Name?

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Should I Trademark my Website Domain Name?

Hi all,
Just a quick question...
I was reading an article about trademarks and domains on the internet.. Basically if anyone bought a domain which someone has "trademarked" already.
So example, I buy the domain "" but there is a trademark of a product or a company called "Monkey45" then they have all rights to the domain, and can kick me off even after i start making money through affiliate marketing.
So my question is to Mark Ling and others, Should I or Do you trademark your domains to protect yourselves when these websites of yours start making over 5 to 6 figures a year??
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If you are using your company name as your domain name and are selling your own products then trademarking will offer an additional level of security to your online business.

However, if you have an affiliate site and you're not using your company name then it wouldn't be necessary to protect your domain name.

It will be best to get an opinion from a lawyer with expertise in internet and trademark law if your really interested in trademarking your domain name.
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I am reviving this somewhat-old thread as we have quite a number of new members who are registering their first domain names.

In addition to what Michelle has said above, if you have established a company and/or have settled on using a tradename, it would be a very good idea to register it.

This is regardless of whether you will use it as your domain name or not, although you will probably find that you want to use your tradename (company name or brand) as your domain name eventually.

Even if your company or business is offline, registering your tradename/trademark is recommended. In some locations, it's actually mandatory.
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