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Should I redirect old slugs?

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Should I redirect old slugs?

I changed the slug names on three of my pages in the quick edit section of the wordpress dashboard. The problem is those three pages are showing up in my webmaster tools as 404 page not found errors even though I've unlinked and relinked any pages linking to the old page slugs. I thought you could change the slug name as many times as you wanted without any problems. Does this mean I have to do 301 redirects for these pages to tell Google where thay are now even though they are still the same page just with a changed slug name. I did go into the Hostgator cPanel and do the redirects from there but for some reason it didn't work. When I click on all the pages in my website they all show up perfectly with the new slug names. It's only from the Google webmaster tools that the old url's are there and when clicked on they take you to a blank page. What am I doing wrong?
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It sounds like a letter is out of place or when you changed the anchor text or slug their is a space and that will cause the link to be broken. I would try redoing the links first and make sure you check them in the html side of the editor. I find that just changing or copy and past an url will corrupt the html. I am not sure why. Just guessing though I still have trouble with this stuff my self.
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