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Should a person purchase additional domains?

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Should a person purchase additional domains?

When purchasing my domain they always ask if I want to buy .net, .org, info, etc... bedsides the .com. Does this help with SEO or is it a waste of money. I'm not sure if I would even develop them though. They say it secures your name, protects your brand, and expanding your online presence. Any thoughts helpful! Thanks
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Hi Sport,
If you want to protect your online brand then get the .net as well.
If you really do not care about the branding then just get the .com.
For Ex: Mark has ... I think he would not like someone else to get etc.. because that is Marks brand.
It offers no SEO value just to park the .net or .org etc.. domain names.
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I concur with Troy. It is an upsell that the domain sellers are trying to get you into.

I don't do it on my niche sites, though as Troy has pointed out I do do it on my name. So I own, and

Hope this helps,

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