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Server Side Includes don't work

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Server Side Includes don't work

So you know how you can link a stylesheet to every page so you only have to change it once?

Well I need that same idea only for my menus and other stuff that will be on every page so that I don't always have to go on every single page and change things.

I read and found Server Side Includes but they don't work. I'm not stupid, I know I did it right. It just won't work on my computer.

What else can I use to do that and where can I go to learn it?
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SSI Includes Wikipedia page

Always check that a) the file header.html actually exists and b) that the path to header.html is correct. Most programming languages have this functionality built in, do you know what is running on your server programming wise? PHP, ASP etc?

When you say "work on my computer" - how are you testing this? Are you using the SSI calls on a webserver or locally on your computer at home?
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