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Selling Your Own Product & Affiliate Products on Same Site

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Selling Your Own Product & Affiliate Products on Same Site

I started out wanting to just sell my own ebook on my website. Once I went on Clickbank I realized that there were a lot of other great resourses that were relevant (but still different) from mine. I decided to focus my website on selling my ebook and also promoting other ebooks through my "store".

Is this a good or bad practice? My goal is to eventually develop a one stop shop.
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I think it really depends how well your ebook is selling. Obviously you'll make more selling your own ebook because you get the full price (minus CB commission) whereas you're only getting the commission on other products.

If your product is selling well then by all means keep it to the front, you can always have other products in the "background", in fact a review page with various different products can work really well because naturally people like to be able to compare before they buy, or at least know if theres a product that may suit them better.
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