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Selling products from CB: Product review vs Educational Site

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Selling products from CB: Product review vs Educational Site

CB = clickbank.
My question is, for example, i am creating a weight loss website. should the site be about product review and ratings from clickbank products or should it be an educational website that teaches you exercises and educational that contains banners on the side and a section for CB product review and rankings? thank you. i'm just not sure if a CB products review and ratings page on the main page is attractive. again, thank you
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Theres no reason why you can't do both, in fact you'll find a lot of affiliate sites have educational information pages that can attract organic search, or generalized keywords (i.e. not product specific) as well as product review pages where they target more specific buying keywords including product names.

You'll notice with my WOW Blackbook site that the homepage is educational, explaining the game ... but also includes an affiliate link where appropriate. Find a balance and you'll be fine.
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