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Register .org domain for keyword, or add to existing site?

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Register .org domain for keyword, or add to existing site?

Hi Guys,

If you were after a keyword that had around 2000 searches, and you found out that you could get the .org domain for that keyword, would you register that domain? or simply add the keyword to an existing website, which I can do also.

What do you think I should do?

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If your website is on the same topic and the competition is not to rough it is not worth buying another domain.
It the keyword had well over 20,000 and you could get a .com for it and not have to spend a fortune promoting it then grab it for sure.
What you will run into at times is the traffic stats are not all that accurate at times using the best equipment it could happen that a 2000 search one month can be 500 the next month.
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Pro at basic WP and keyword research willing to

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