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Redirecting people internally?

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Redirecting people internally?


I was wondering if anyone had some advice on how i can go about sending someone to a specific page on a merchant site, but still make sure to use some sort of affiliate link so cookies get set.

I recall some software or code a long time ago that allowed you to do this, but i dont remember what its called or where to get it.

I know some affiliate programs already offer a way to send someone to a specific page, but in the most cases, they send them to the homepage and i want to send to a specific internal page.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I think it depends on the affiliate script / website setup.

For example with some clickbank sites I have seen it when you can have your affiliate code and then just add something like

and then on there site they check for the [page] and redirect it - so it depends on how they have setup there website.

With affilorama we can setup links which can send people to other pages if someone requests that and that is based on the affiliate script.

But usually sending people to the sales pitch is better =)
That help?
Any one else have any comments on this?
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I agree with Nick. It really depends on how the website and affiliate links are set up by the merchant. Like you said, there are merchants who give you the option to select the landing page on their website and there are those who don't. If they don't give you the option to select the landing page, then there must be a reason for that (e.g. optimization for conversion) and changing the landing page by modifying the affiliate link code would most probably be disadvantageous.
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