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redirect or not

mark schaaf
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redirect or not

I do not use word press i use a web editor which allows me to make any kind of change to my sites pages I want with that in mind this editor allows me to completely clone any page and all it's parameters.

I am in the process of re doing my home page but was wondering if I were to only change the color scheme and a few other things would I need to redirect the original home page or could I just put up the new one.

One that same note if I were to change much of the article on my home page as well as the colors should I then do a redirect to the new home page. I am a little unclear as to doing a redirect I mean I know how, but if the home page is still listed as the home page and many of my inbound links are still pointed to the home page I am not sure what the difference would make.

The only thing I could see would maybe my rankings could drop because of a change in the content of the home page. Any thoughts would be helpful.
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It's still the same page, unless your changes get totally radical. Even then, it has the same filename and title, right?

Slight content changes and a new color scheme wouldn't need a redirect. Certainly if the page filename and title remain the same and most of the keywords are still there I see no reason to redirect.

Redirects are meant for when a page is moved to a new location in your browser path, a new domain, etc. - not for content changes

Hope this helps...
_jim coe
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