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Question regarding site analytics

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Question regarding site analytics

Hey there,

I purchased traffic travis for its features, did an analysis of the new site I put together and was happy and sad it my findings. My home/index page got an A+, but some other pages on my site got C+ and some no grade at all. The ones with no grade were grouped in a blog category. So if I write an article, should it be a single article per category for the sake of better SEO?

One other question you may be able to help me with. I use All In ONe SEO and when it comes to the settings, I was curious if I should uncheck "no index of categories" due to the amount of articles I have in those categories? The only reason I thought i should do this is because my site has a static homepage so if i don't index the categories, will those pages be left out of indexing by google?

Thank you.
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Page Analysis in Traffic Travis checks for the presence of the specified keyword phrase in the meta title, meta keywords, meta description and h1 tags, as well as determines the keyword density on the page. The rating it gives you is based on these on-page SEO elements. So if you set it to check on a category where there would be no on-page SEO elements configured, it will not give you a rating. No, you should not have only 1 article per category.
For those pages/posts for which you got less than an A rating, check what Page Analysis is recommending and make the necessary changes.
You should leave "no index for categories" checked to avoid duplicate content on your site. The individual posts/pages will still be indexed even if you have a static homepage.
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