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Putting in article ratings?

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Putting in article ratings?

On my page, I have many articles, in which I want the viewers to be able to rate, say 1-10 and be able to display the average rating. Also, if possible it would be good for me to be able to somehow view results without having to go page to page (many articles) so I am thinking some sort of service similar to a counter where I would be able to view data from all of the articles.

Anyone know anything like what I describe?
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If you have a WordPress site, you'll find a list of article rating plugins that you can use on this page: ... ng-plugins

I've only tried Poll Daddy (works great!) :) ... ng-widget/
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Hi there,

I do have a blog which has a counter as well as a article rating widget in it, but then it's made out of blogger and the article rating widget is built-in. However, you can find a lot of sites which give you codes and plugins of counters and article rating for your site. There.

Here's an example of a counter widget. Click Here!

Aside from that here's an example of an article rating widget. Click Here!

Hope that helps.:)
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