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Publishing Addon Domain

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Publishing Addon Domain

Hi Guys
My WebHost is useless so maybe someone here can help.

I watched how Mark created a addon domain, i then did the same and it was quite easy but now i'm Having a bit of a problem publishing my Addon Domain ( with XSP.

Up till now i have opened a new hosting account everytime i wanted to add a new site(Stupid, Probably) So i decided to try going with addon domains instead, i have 2 main domains and have had no problems publishing them with XSP.

When i publish the site with XSP it places a fatloseweight folder (which contains all the XSP files) inside the public_html folder, very confusing.
So the site is published but when you type it into your browser it displays CGI.Bin and Public_HTML text instead
of the sites home page.

What am i doing wrong?
I may be incoherent but it's 230am
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It looks like the publishing details are not correct as the public_html folder should actually be inside the fatloseweight folder instead of the other way around
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