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publishing a website

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publishing a website

I'm using Dreamweaver, there's plenty of good info about how to create a website but please could someone direct me to where there are instructions that show me how to publish (FTP) a website; if indeed I need to publish it? and I assume I do, in order for spiders to find it...
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From within dreamweaver....

Site - Manage Sites - Highlight Your Site - Click Edit - Remote Info

Enter information

Then you can publish :)
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I'm making a video on FTPing, since we get this question so often. In the meantime, try this thread... ... hlight=ftp

Dreamweaver doesn't really talk much about "FTP", it talks more about "managing sites", so if you go into the help section that talks about creating and managing sites you should find information about how to get your site online.

In Dreaweaver MX the tutorial for this is in Help > Getting Started and Tutorials > Quick Site Setup > (Define a Dreamweaver Site > Upload your local files).

Hope that helps,
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