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Proper "Index" page name?

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Proper "Index" page name?

A long, long time ago (early 90s) I came to believe that one should have multiple "index" pages (i.e. index.html,

default.html, etc.).

I think that this had something do do with what Netscape Navigator would look for vs IE and/or what different servers would

default to.

Now I am wondering about the duplicate content and canonicalization ramifications of having more than one "index" page.

Is there any reason now to have more than one "index" page, and if not, what should that one page be named for a HTML based


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"Index" page refers to home page now. sometimes, a website's sitemap is also referred to by search engines as the "index page". There is no reason to have two index pages in a website since they would have the same content.
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