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Pre-Existing Website - Should I persevere with it?

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Pre-Existing Website - Should I persevere with it?

I, in my eagerness to get started, purchased a digital product before becoming aware of Affilorama. The makers of said product built me a website for free, as part of their package, and I paid to host it on Midphase. They also picked the site name.

Needless to say, the site is useless, however, I'm paid up for a year. Should I chuck it a begin anew or can I take advantage of already having a site, rename it, and can you instruct me on how to make proper use of this site? Is there a lesson/video that deals with this question?
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If it's in the make money niche, then it's gonna be a lot harder to get started than in a consumer product niche. Give us a look, but chances are it won't be worth your time.
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I bet they collected a nice fat commission by sending you to midphase as well :)

Whether the site is worth pursuing or not really depends on what the site is. If its set up just to promote a particular product (with a domain name to match) then its probably not worth keeping. If it's "part of the package" then there are going to be hundreds of other people out there with exactly the same page.

You say you've "paid for a year" -- by that I'm assuming you mean for the web hosting. You still own that hosting, so you can use it for another website. Same thing with the domain name, although if it's quite specific to the website they built for you, then you might not be too interested in that. So all is not lost. Also if it's within 30 days, you can probably ask Midphase for your money back too.

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