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Please take a look at this site Im trying to revamp

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Please take a look at this site Im trying to revamp

I picked this website up off a friend a while back. I have put all the articles, photos, videos, etc... on myself. I changed his theme up to the Affilotheme Avenue.

I am having a hard time getting the main URL back. He has some how got the home page and category to be the same page. Home really isn't home. And I know I am not really fond of the Domain Name myself.

I do have about 8 more articles to post for now as well as some video interviews with their opinions and advice, also a forum. Theres more but I don't want to give it all away, he he. I am trying to become some what of an authority with this niche.

I am wondering if anybody could let me know how I am doing so far with some constructive criticism. Am I heading in the right direction? Is the URL main page that important? How is my content?

Thank you in advance for your response.
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If you want to create an "authority" site, then your branding of your domain is vitally important. Do you think your current choice best represents your brand? Do you want to focus on this area for many months, even years? If so, you better be sure about your choice of branding.

For smaller niche Websites branding isn't as important but for authority Websites it's essential, even more so today. Already I can see a mix match between the domain (Girli Want You) and the name of your Website (Dating Advice For Men - Understand How Women Think). So maybe think about this.

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