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Please Review my Site

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Please Review my Site


Totally new to affiliate marketing. Still working on content but as far as website design, I think I am there. But I have been working on it constantly, it is hard to look at it objectively.

So please have at it.

Thanks in Advance,

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Hi Arn,

Great job on the site! :)

I think the layout and overall design needs a bit of tweaking. It strikes me as too generic. You might want to choose a design that is more suitable to your site's niche. You might also want to post just your recent post on the homepage instead of having your post run down the homepage. I suggest you bring the sign up for higher up the sidebar to make it more visible.

Please use appropriate images on your posts. Images help make your articles more "reader-friendly" and help break up text too.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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The site is very busy, as in, many things fighting for your attention at once. Try cleaning it up, including colors (white and light blues). Go for a more relaxing, welcoming feel.

Immediately upon visiting, 2 popups appeared. Don't have 2 popups, use one, and time it so that it doesn't appear until at least 20 seconds after the visitor arrives.
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