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Please Review my Site

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Please Review my Site

We just launched our solar energy review site and we're at the beginning of a link building campaign.

I'd really like some feedback on the site - ways to improve traffic and conversion..
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Hi Nitaliz,

Disclaimer: Whatever I say here is just my opinion.....please take it with a grain of salt : )

First of all, congratulations on building your site. I like your design and your color combinations...I think it looks very professional and pleasing to the eyes.

I just noticed some areas which can use improvement:

1. Your have "Take the free starter course. You will enjoy it. Do it now before the lights go out." in bold blue and red along with your symbol....but, I can't click on it.....It looks like a URL but there's nothing to click on. It might confuse your viewer as to the free starter course you are offering. Also, I would reword "non techie" to something like "ordinary layman" or "average joe"...and also reword "tidbits and other heavy stuff" reason being, this niche is more likely targeting the ages 30 and above market...I believe it would be more credible to use more conventional terms....

2. I would reword your "Product Review Summary" to something like "Recommended Energy Guides", or "Best Energy Guides"....the key point here is to grab your viewer's attention and subtlely suggest that these guides are worth buying....

3. On your "Product Summary" page, the only affiliate links that can be clicked directly are the product names, and the images....To improve conversion, I would suggest you add something like "Get this product now!" or "Click here to get Earth4Energy NOW!!!"(of course, connected to your affiliate link)... a lot of viewers don't really like reading through the full review, and would often just view this page to see a summary and see how a product compares to it would be a good idea to put buy in links here....

4. When I click on the internal links on your website, the title tags show as Solar DIY Panel >> Article title(ex. Solar DIY Panel >> GreenDIYEnergy Review)....I would suggest you change your title tags to match the keywords you are trying to rank for....(ex. when you click GreenDIYEnergy Review, your title should also show "GreenDIYEnergy Review").....this would help your internal pages in the search engine rankings, and also increase possible sales, because when a viewer keys in GreenDIYEnergy Review in google, they might already be interested in the product, and your review might just be what they need to actually buy, make sure that when google ranks your site, google will display GreenDIYEnergy Review in bold(your title) because that is what your viewer is looking for...

Disclaimer 2: Once again, this is just my opinion.... : )
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Really nice site, i like it and great editing, but as per my knowledge need to some changes in color combination, i think it is too heard color not looks like professional color, all over is really good site, nice one.
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