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Please Give Me Feedback on My New Site

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Please Give Me Feedback on My New Site

Hey can you please tell me what do you think about my website ?

do you have any tips?

P.S i got more than 1800 impressions and only 50 clicks but no sales . what do you think is wrong?
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Hi megadeath155,

The design and layout are fine. You could improve on that and get a better theme, but my main issue with your site is the lack of content. All I could see are "Fifa 14 game" everywhere. You could add a bit more content on your homepage. What is on your site, what is it about, how can it help Fifa 14 gamers?

The same goes with your other categories. The articles there look "thin". You might also want to work on the formatting of the articles like the spaces between the image and text.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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Hi megadeath155,

I would advice you to put more extra links that lead to trusted sources where you take the information, such as famous soccer website, famous sport newspaper etc.. Don´t hesitate to be as honest as possible with your audience by quoting your sources. The search engine really appreciates that then it will be even better for your SEO.

As Cecile said don´t hesitate to provide more content, for example a specific part with the football transfer, a specific part with the main European Football league..So that your audience will get extra information and will be happy :).

Anyway, it´s a good idea megadeath155, keep it up!
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